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In-game screenshot of a question with the text: Where is the source of the mekong river?

If you love trivia, you will love this genius quiz feud!

  • Trivia.Town is a fair game based on knowledge.
  • The best players top the highscore list.
  • There are no powerups or shortcuts - you can't pay to win!
  • All questions are matched with a picture to help you get the answer right.
  • You play in real-time online or against friends on your own time.

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You can submit new questions and track how other players answer them.

Than 17.000

questions in Trivia.Town and we add new ones every day.

If you are into trivia and exciting battles
- this is your number one game!

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In Trivia Town you battle online with trivia lovers from all over the world. A game takes less than two minutes. So you can play even when you only have a moment.

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The game is a constant challenge. The system is designed to give you new, unseen questions keeping the feud fresh and fair every time.

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You need both brains and tactical sense to win. For each answer you choose how many points you are willing to risk. You need to play smart to win big.

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